Crazy-ass Duck Lady

So I was walking home with my homies last Friday from school on Foothill road towards the mall. There were four of us. All seemed normal until suddenly, we saw this creepy, old, small, white, 2 door sedan parked on the side of the road by the sidewalk. Just on the other side of the road, there was an old, poor lady (50 something years old??) that was holding a stick with a net on the end of it. She was by the fence of someone’s property where there is nothing but grass and open land. On the other side of the fence were a couple of ducks…Obviously not hers. It became apparent that she was trying to catch ducks.Image

One of my homes yelled “HEY!” at her as we were standing watching from the opposite side of the road while she was facing the opposite way. She turned around and responded back “SHUTUP ASSHOLES! IF YOU GUYS ARE JUST GONNA STAND THERE THAN YOU MIGHT AS WELL HELP ME ASSHOLES!!!”  She walked back to our side of Foothill Road. Then we got scared and thought she was gonna pull a gun on us. We started walking away from the scene lmfao-ing. She turned out to be walking to her car. She got to her car and drove past us in her little shithole vehicle while giving us the finger. It was like totesmcgotes the most hilari thing ever. 

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